The Young Rider Advancement Program (YRAP) is designed to present Novice through Preliminary level young riders with a structured developmental process that will provide the education and skills they need to progress through the levels, and eventually into the ranks of the NAYC and beyond.

Started by the USEA, to help develop lower level riders into upper level riders, YRAP is intended to provide the average young rider with the vital steps of a developmental process from the earliest levels of competition.  

The YRAP encompass a variety of clinics, camps, and educational activities which provide the educational development necessary for a young rider's progression into the NAYC program, eventual recognition by the National Governing Bodies (NGB) developmental programs, and their ultimate ascension into international ranks. While many young riders never endeavor to progress this far in their riding careers, the steps will nevertheless be in place for them to accomplish whatever competitive goals they may have. The goal is to create a structure, which similarly parallels the structure of the NAYC program and the NGB developmental programs, so that a rider is familiar with this format from the beginning.

In order to accomplish this goal, we provide additional educational and competitive experiences for our lower level riders.


Exciting news!!!! Rebecca Farm and Sarah Broussard have agreed to allow all Areas to run a T3D Young Rider competition, similar to NAYC, during The Event. 

The following parameters were decided:

  • One (1) team of four (4) riders per each USEA Area;

  • YR T3D teams will be embedded into the T3D divisions running at the Event; *

  • YR T3D teams will NOT be stabled with NAYC teams but rather will be located in general show stabling;

  • Areas will be able to purchase additional meal tickets (for meals served in the NAYC hospitality tent) for T3D team participants;

  • YR T3D team participants will be outfitted (or not) at the discretion of their Area YR Coordinator(s);

  • The selection process for each of the Area YR T3D teams will be at the discretion of the Area YR Coordinator(s) and/or Area team selectors.

 * Please note that if the number of YR T3D team entries warrant, a separate YR T3D division may be added.

I am excited about this opportunity we can offer our lower level young riders…a long-format, team competition at a world-class venue…and again, many thanks to Sarah for making this happen.  Since we will be organizing this for the first time this year at Rebecca Farm, I am sure things will arise that we have not addressed here so please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.





Are you a member of the Area VII Young Riders Program? Then you should join a Virtual Team! Each member is valued for their participation whether it is riding or volunteering. The more you participate the more points you earn for your team! 



  • Must be a member of the Young Rider Program by 4/22/19.

  • Points will accumulate for entering and competing in an Area VII USEA Recognized Event (including NAYC). You must participate in at least 2 horse trials.

  • Points will accumulate for volunteering at an Area VII USEA Recognized Event. Event volunteer hours MUST be reported through the USEA VIP. You can sign up here: https://www.eventingvolunteers.com/

  • Points will accumulate for volunteering at YR Camps and Clinics. These hours MUST be signed off by the Score Keeper or the Young Rider Coordinator.

  • Team members who volunteer at the Young Rider Benefit Horse Trials will recieve double points.

  • Team members participating in the Championship divisions at the Area VII Championships will receive double points.

  • Any team member that represents AreaVII at AEC’s receive 20 bonus points and their final score will count for full points as if it were an Area VII event.


  • Teams will be “randomly” selected and divided by the number of participants to make equal numbered teams

  • Teams will be made up of varying levels of riders

  • Teams will be selected before the first Area VII recognized event.

  • Rider will be made up of one horse/one rider. You cannot be on two teams.

  • Teams will be introduced via email and the Young Riders Facebook page

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/46343055987/

  • Teams must decide on a Team Name and provide it to YR Coordinator by May 15, 2019

  • Teams encouraged to support and cheer each other on throughout the season.


  • Entering an Event = 5 points

  • Entering and Completing an Event = 20 points

  • Posting a photo of your whole team at the Start Box on the Young Rider Facebook or Instagram page = 10 points #areaviiyr

  • Dressage Scores

    • 36-40 = 5 points

    • 31-35 = 10 points

    • 26-30 = 15 points

    • <25 = 20 points

  • Cross Country

    • Double Clear = 40 point

    • Completed XC with time = 20 points

    • Completed XC with time & jump faults = 10 points

  • Show Jumping

    • Double Clear = 20 points

  • Volunteering at an Area VII Recognized Event (no more than 100 points per show) or a Young Rider Camp or Clinic

    • Half Day (4 hours) = 25 points

    • Full Day (8 hours) = 50 points

    • Two hours = 10

  • Volunteering at the Young Rider Benefit Horse Trials will recieve double points

    • Half Day (4 hours) = 50 points

    • Full Day (8 hours) = 100 points

    • Two hours = 10 points

  • Representing Area VII at the AECs = 20 bonus points

  • Providing your Young Rider Low Score Award = 30 points

  • Writing your three Sponsor Thank You notes = 30 points


They will be nice and plentiful. At least the top 3 teams will be presented their awards at the annual Area VII meeting. To qualify for a prize you must contribute at least 30 points to your Team.


Each year, at five shows, all Young Riders are automatically entered to win the award for ending with the lowest penalty score in their division. Winners will receive a ribbon and a prize! You can only win once for each horse/rider combination and riders are entered into one level only and it defaults to the highest level they are riding.

This year we will also be awarding some additional fun and random awards to individual accomplishments (in example: YR closest to optimum time).

We request that each Young Rider donate $25 annually for these awards. If you prefer to donate a purchased or donated item instead of cash you are very welcome to do so. Please send or deliver your donation by May 1, 2019.

You can mail your donation to:
Michelle Drewien, 42019 196th Ave SE, Enumclaw WA 98022

2019 Low Score Award Shows

May: EI
June: Inavale
August: Caber
September: Aspen
October: Spokane (Long Format Divisions Only)

Young Rider Socials

At each of the Low Score Awards shows we will also have a YR Presentation or Activity and Ice Cream Social. Don’t miss them - they are tons of fun!!!

In the past we have had some fun evenings including:

  • 4**** Q&A PANEL with Featuring Maya Black and Jordan Linstedt

  • XC Jump Q&A with Marc Grandia

  • How to Care for Your Horse in Extreme Conditions

  • And of course, the infamous CABER CUP!